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Safari Blue Zanzibar
Zanzibar Tour

Safari Blue Zanzibar Day Trip: All You Need to Know

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Safari Blue Zanzibar is a popular full-day excursion that offers a combination of marine adventure, island exploration, and beach relaxation. Here’s an overview of what you can expect on a Safari Blue tour in Zanzibar:

Safari Blue Zanzibar

  1. Departure: The tour usually starts with a morning pick-up from your hotel in Zanzibar. You’ll be driven to Fumba village on the southwest coast, where the Safari Blue excursion begins.
  2. Boarding the Dhow: At Fumba, you’ll board a traditional wooden dhow, a sailing boat with a characteristic triangular sail. The dhow will serve as your transportation throughout the tour.
  3. Sailing and Dolphin Spotting: As you sail along the scenic coastline, keep an eye out for dolphins that inhabit the waters around Zanzibar. If you’re lucky, you may witness these magnificent creatures swimming and playing in their natural habitat.
  4. Snorkeling and Reef Exploration: The first stop on the Safari Blue tour is usually at a coral reef. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel and explore the vibrant marine life of Zanzibar’s turquoise waters. Snorkeling equipment is typically provided, allowing you to discover the colorful coral formations and encounter various tropical fish species.
  5. Sandbank Visit: After snorkeling, the dhow will take you to a pristine sandbank, a small island-like formation surrounded by clear waters. This is a perfect spot to relax, swim, or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings. You can also take a stroll along the sandy shores and capture beautiful photos.
  6. Seafood Lunch: On the Safari Blue tour, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous seafood lunch, typically served on a remote island or aboard the dhow. The menu often includes freshly grilled fish, prawns, calamari, lobsters, and other delicious seafood dishes, accompanied by tropical fruits and refreshments.
  7. Mangrove Forest Exploration: Following the lunch, the dhow will navigate through the scenic mangrove forests, allowing you to observe the unique ecosystem and learn about the importance of mangroves in the local environment.
  8. Return and Beach Relaxation: After an adventurous day, the dhow will sail back to Fumba village. From there, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel. You can unwind and enjoy the rest of the day on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, reflecting on the memorable experiences of the Safari Blue tour.

Safari Blue offers a blend of thrilling activities, stunning natural landscapes, and a delectable seafood feast, providing an unforgettable day of exploration and relaxation in Zanzibar.

Safari Blue Zanzibar

The ultimate day tour in Zanzibar you described sounds absolutely amazing! Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during this tour:

  1. Pick-up and Transfer: In the morning, a driver will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Fumba village, located on the southwest corner of the island. This is where you’ll meet your guide and board your private boat for the Safari Blue Tour.
  2. Sand Banks: The first highlight of the tour is a visit to the sand banks. These sand banks are surrounded by crystal clear water and boast perfectly textured white sand. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, relaxing, and enjoying the stunning surroundings.
  3. Coral Reefs and Snorkeling: After the sand banks, you’ll proceed to the coral reefs and natural lagoon. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel and observe the colorful tropical fish and other marine life that inhabit the reefs. Snorkeling equipment will likely be provided, allowing you to explore the underwater world.
  4. Seafood Lunch on Kwale Island: Following the snorkeling experience, you’ll head to Kwale Island for a picnic seafood lunch. The lunch will feature a delicious spread of fresh seafood, including lobster, octopus, prawns, calamari, and kingfish. Enjoy the mouthwatering flavors while soaking in the island atmosphere.
  5. Beach Relaxation: After the satisfying lunch, you’ll have some leisure time to relax on the beach. Take a stroll, sunbathe, or simply unwind while enjoying the idyllic white sand beaches and turquoise waters of Zanzibar.
  6. Return to Fumba and Stone Town: After your beach relaxation, you’ll make your way back to Fumba village. From there, you’ll be transported back to Stone Town, where your hotel is located. Sit back and enjoy the scenic drive, reflecting on the incredible experiences of the day.

This tour combines adventure, natural beauty, and a delectable seafood feast, making it an unforgettable day exploring the pristine marine environment and beaches of Zanzibar.

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Destination Safari Blue Zanzibar
Arrival Zanzibar Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
Departure Time Yes Require
  • Specialized Tour Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance Fees
  • Local delicious food, Water
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets
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Safari Blue Zanzibar is a popular full-day excursion that offers a combination of marine adventure, island exploration, and beach relaxation. Here's an overview of what you can expect on a Safari Blue tour in Zanzibar:
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