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Traveling to Tanzania

Traveling to Tanzania: Welcome to East Africa Travel Company! We are delighted to have you as our guest for your upcoming journey to the United Republic of Tanzania. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, it’s important to understand the passport, visa, and vaccination requirements for your visit.

Passport Requirements

Before we delve into visa and vaccination requirements, please make sure your passport meets the following criteria:

  • Validity: Your passport must have a minimum validity of at least 6 months beyond your planned departure date from Tanzania.

Visa Options

Tanzania offers two primary options for obtaining a visa: Visa on Arrival and e-visa. The choice between them depends on your travel plans and time constraints.

Visa on Arrival

Eligibility: Travelers who plan to visit Tanzania within two weeks are eligible for a Visa on Arrival, provided they are permitted to do so based on their nationality.

Application Process: To obtain a Visa on Arrival, you will need to fill out a form and present your passport at the visa counter upon arrival in Tanzania.

Fees: Visa charges for Visa on Arrival are USD 100 for US citizens and USD 50 for citizens of other countries.


Application Process: The e-Visa option allows you to apply for your Tanzanian visa online before your arrival. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out an online application form.
  2. Make the required payment.
  3. Submit your application.

Processing Time: It’s important to note that e-Visa applications take approximately 15 days to process, so plan accordingly.

Official Website: To apply for an e-Visa, we recommend using the official Tanzania Immigration website only, which is the Tanzania Immigration Website.

Important Notes for e-Visa Applicants:

  • Ensure that your passport details are accurate.
  • Upload a soft copy of your passport-size photo (jpeg/png format, size not exceeding 300KB).
  • Provide a soft copy of your passport (jpeg/png format, size not exceeding 300KB), ensuring it has a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Submit supporting documents in PDF format, with each file not exceeding 1MB.

Vaccination Requirements

As part of your travel preparations, be aware of the vaccination requirements for entry into Tanzania:

  • COVID-19 Certificate: A negative COVID-19 certificate is mandatory for entry. The certificate is valid only if the test is conducted within 72 hours before your scheduled arrival in Tanzania.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: You will require a yellow fever vaccination only if you are traveling from a region with a high risk of yellow fever or if you have a transit of 6 hours or more in these regions. To check if your region is high risk, consult this list: Yellow Fever High-Risk Countries.

Visa Exemptions

It’s worth noting that not all travelers need to apply for a visa to enter Tanzania. Citizens of some countries are exempt from visa requirements. To check if your country is on the list of visa-exempt nations, please visit the following link: Visa Exemption List.

Please keep in mind that the information provided here is based on current details shared by the Tanzanian Government and is subject to change. We will continually update this information, but should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hosting you in Tanzania and wish you a fantastic journey filled with unforgettable experiences!

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